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Sung-Min Park

Convergence IT Engineering | Full Professor

2016 Samsung Electronic, Health R&D Director

2014 Medtronic, R&D Engineering Manager
2006 Purdue University Ph.D.

Research Area

Bioelectronics and Bioinformation


창의IT특론P: 고급의료기기특론

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with the tools to understand the function and design of various medical instruments and devices. Upon successful completion, the students will be able to use these tools envision new and improved future medical technology and designs. While there are more than thousands of medical instruments and devices on the market, we will focus on more popular devices and their principles.

의용 전자기학 이론 및 수치해석

Electromagnetics governs the physical phenomena in almost every discipline in electrical engineering from circuits to optics. It enables numerous high technologies from wireless communication to medical imaging. Computational techniques are important in practically solving electromagnetic (EM) problems associated with complex structures. This course focuses on theory and biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields, and computational techniques. In order to facilitate the understanding of the computational technique, the students will be introduced to the commercially available EM software specialized in life science applications and provided with a several individual projects. This computational technique has been well adopted in the industry and often used for product validation. The course topics include: electrostatics, magnetostatics, electrodynamics, transmission lines, basic antennas, computational techniques and current technology reviews. 


Product commercialization is a broad field of effort dealing with designing, creating, and marketing the product. Medical device adds other significant aspects such as regulatory approval and post market monitoring. Efficient and effective management of development process is a key to the success of medical device commercialization. This course focuses on management principles and tools for an effective medical device development process.


The goal of this course is to provide the fundamental knowledge to study, design and develop the creative IT system. The class will provide the intensive education of the core tools to develop and design the IT system such as Linux systems, Arduino, CAD, MathLab.and other tools.


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